PUST’s Spring 2017 Research Lecture Series began with tissue engineering and ended with modern mathematics

During the Spring 2017 term, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology has hosted a research lecture series for the PUST foreign faculty to present their research. All members of the PUST community, including DPRK faculty and students, have been invited to attend the series.

The lecture series began on Wednesday, 29 March, with Dr. Eneko Axpe’s talk about tissue engineering, a field that seeks to repair –or replace– damaged organs by creating functional artificial tissues.

In his seminar, Dr. Axpe, who currently conducts research at Cambridge University, highlighted recent advances in nanotechnology and three-dimensional printing, techniques that help develop engineered biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of the future.

The final presentation of PUST’s Research Lectures Series was held this week on 24 May with a presentation by Dr. George Sturm, the graduate Dean of PUST.

Dr. Sturm spoke about the exciting investigations of the Modern Mathematics in regards to the relationship between gene expressions and breast-cancer outcome measurements. A variety of interesting analyses and their practical results were given. The seminar was particularly well-attended by the ALS graduate students since the field of precision medicine is cutting-edge. Hopefully, this seminar will be the beginning of more research into this important area.