First HSK Test Site in the DPRK opens at PUST

On Saturday 11th May, 45 undergraduate PUST students took the Chinese language test HSK (hanyu shuiping kaoshi) at the newly-established test site at the PUST.

Earlier in the week on 7th May, the university was honoured to receive  the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the DPR Korea; the Deputy Director-General of the National Chinese Language Office, PRC Ministry of Education; and a delegation of other senior officials from China and the PRC Embassy to the DPR Korea. They joined the Vice Chairman of the Education Commission of the DPR Korea, the Foreign Education Bureau of the Education Commission, and the senior leadership of PUST, to officially open the HSK Test Center.

After the opening ceremony, the guests enjoyed the final round of PUST’s Chinese Speech Contest, followed by some recitals and ‘cross-talk’ entertainment from students. The guests then presented the prizes to the contest winners and congratulated the students on their excellent speaking skills, even though they have only been learning Chinese for one or two years.