Since 2011, during October every two years PUST hosts an international conference called the International Conference of PUST (ICoPUST).  ICoPUST is very special, because of the location and the unusual opportunity to present research and expertise in the DPR Korea, together with other distinguished guests from all over the world, and to hear from leading scientists of the DPRK itself. The audience of the conference are the students and the faculty of PUST and other top-class DPRK universities and institutes, as well as peers from the international academic community.

Along with the academic conference, there are opportunities to meet with some of the brightest students of the DPRK, the next generation in this country, and to see something of their post-graduate research. Many of our students now have the opportunity to study abroad and join world-class research groups.


We plan to host the Fourth International Conference during October 24-26, 2017.  If you are interested to join our conference, please contact us through our contact form.

Students listening to lecture from Nobel Laureate
Students listening to lecture from Nobel Laureate


The Third International Conference was held in October 2015 which included keynote speakers Professor Peter Agre (US, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Dr. Normal Neureiter (Senior Director AAAS), and also a number of special guests including Mr. Koh Gun, former Prime Minister of South Korea.

Former South Korean minister arrives to Pyongyang for the third conference
Former South Korean Prime Minister Goh Kun arrives to Pyongyang for the Third Conference


The Second International Conference was held in October 2013 with other distinguished participants, including as keynote speakers Dr. David Hilmers (a former Shuttle astronaut, now working on endemic diseases in developing countries) and Professor Neil Scolding (UK, stem cell research).

Attendees at the second conference
Attendees at the Second Conference


The First International Conference of PUST was held in October 2011, with many notable speakers including David Alton (UK, House of Lords) and Professor Peter Agre (US, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry).

Nobel Laureate Peter Agre delivering keynote speech at the First Conference