Office of Research


Thank you for your interest in our university and research programs. Research at PUST is divided into two broad categories: graduate research and research by graduates and staff at the PUST R&D center.  These two work together in a synergistic manner, so that ideas that are developed in the R&D center are used to train students in graduate research, and also ideas that students develop from their graduate research can be capitalized upon at the R&D center by developing and manufacturing products which can generate revenue.  So the idea is to produce graduates at PUST, some of which who will be researchers after graduate, and then researchers some of which will start their own company after developing a successful product.  This can be summarized as follows:

Graduates → Researchers → Business owners

Since the founding of PUST in 2010, our research has focused on a limited number of small research projects in Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID), Cloud Computing and Robotics.  This research has generated  published papers in IEEE conference proceedings. We have founded a DPRK-based company called PUSTCO and have successfully manufactured our first commercial product at the Kaesong Industrial Complex.  In addition, we have created a research center for software development called the PUST Aennova Research Center (PARC).

We welcome your involvement in joint research ventures, internships, outsourcing, and the like.  We also welcome high-level corporate executives and specialists to join us on campus to give special seminars to our R&D staff and workers, many of whom are PUST graduates and all of whom are local Koreans.

PUST R&D Center

At PUST, we have a knowledge and industrial research center which is currently used as a business incubator.  Our research centers at the R&D center focus on developing technologies that address the needs of DPRK citizens, for example, projects focused on the development of renewable energy resources that foster national energy independence, or projects focused on medical advances.  Any successful projects can be marketed internationally to contribute to the improvements of local economies through job creation and the improvement of DPRK’s technical workforce.

A successful R&D program should positively impact the academic reputation of the university which will,  in turn, create more interest from international investors and entrepreneurs.  Therefore, by activating the R&D center, our vision is  to 1) improve the university’s reputation as a research level organization and 2) guide the R&D center into a financially self-supporting division at PUST, while at the same time providing technologies to help the Korean people.

Current Research Centers

PUST kids with the PCo-Ray
  1. Center for Renewable Energy – Our primary focus is on the development of solar and wind energy products to help the DPRK people.  Our first product, the PUSTCO Ray (PCo-Ray), manufactured in the Kaesong Industrial Complex is especially useful for school children to be able to read at night without electricity, and also allows people to charge their cell phones.
  2. PUST Aennova Research Center (PARC) – This is a software research center which primarily has done work in IT outsourcing and web design projects and has some sponsorship from Aennova Game-based education center in Brazil.
  3. Center for Cloud Computing and Education – In this center we are developing cloud computing technologies for distance-based education and research based on the OpenStack cloud platform.

International Conference

Every two years we host an international conference called the International Conference of PUST (ICoPUST), where we invite distinguished guests from all over the world.  To find more info visit our ICOPUST page.