Nobel Laureates and European Prince visit PUST

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) was honoured today by the visit of Nobel Prize-winners Professor Finn Kydland (Economics, 2004; from Norway) Professor Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry, 2004; Israeli) and Dr Sir Richard Roberts (Medicine, 1993; British). They presented a series of formal lectures and had discussions on their specialist topics with PUST students.

  • Three Nobel Laureates and European Prince are greeted by PUST administration and faculty. © Ian Wells 2016

The meeting was one of several university and other visits by the Laureates, in a delegation arranged by Vienna-based International Peace Foundation, led by IPF advisory board chairman HSH Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein and founder-chairman Uwe Morawetz. Their trip to the DPR Korea is called ‘Bridges’ – looking for peaceful dialogue. In his introductory speech, Morawetz outlined the purpose of IPF, to develop dialogues founded on non-political and non-sectarian principles.

Welcoming the delegation, Dr James Chinkyung Kim, Founder-President of PUST, remarked that PUST is also seeking to build bridges and not walls, love not hatred, through long-term engagement in education and research that will benefit everyone.

The international and DPRK leaders and faculty of PUST were delighted to welcome the Laureates and to have them meet many PUST students. In the first session, the Laureates presented lectures on their specialist topics and answered several questions from students. After an informal lunch, the afternoon session had some presentations from PUST students and researchers, leading to lively discussions with the Laureates. They were interested to know about the topics being studied and researched at PUST. Students answered Professor Kydland’s questions about the particular economic system of the DPRK and asked him to suggest research topics that they might pursue. In a parallel session on medicine and biochemistry, Dr Roberts and Professor Ciechanover had a lively discussion with graduate and research students abut experimental methods and how to do good research.

The high-level presentations and the intensive scientific discussions at this IFP ‘Bridges’ event at PUST have opened-up more possibilities for PUST students and researchers to engage with the international scientific community. It is hoped to have further visits from Nobel laureates and renowned researchers, at future international conferences and lectures arranged by PUST. International exchanges of researchers and students may also be arranged. To arrange such exchanges, please contact